In with the new…

So as we try to figure out our life here at home. We struggle with me working and the kids going here and there. My son is a select baseball player and does Muay Thai kickboxing, so everyday we are running around.  As you have seen I am trying to get our house updated, we may or may not sell it, and trying to get rid of the things that we had to make due with.  This year I have plans to buy some large items for the house.  The first is a dinning room table, next a pantry to make up for the very small on I have and last will be new sofa’s, but that ones not that important.

Earlier this month we had a massive store open called Nebraska Furniture Mart. Everything known to man can be found there including my Dinning Room table.  Yes folks, I found my table.


It is a 54 x 54 inch table, counter hight with 4 chairs and a bench seat. I LOVE IT!! I still need some decortaions to go in this room but it is finally coming together. We have enjoyed several meals in our new dinning room and it has made me a happy momma!


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