Busy weekend.

Wow, I love when I see something on Pinterest that I want to do and I’m able to get it done! It’s even better when I see two things on Pinterest that I want to do and both get done!!!

The first thing I wanted to do is to get all the DVD’s that are all over the house in order.  We have already went through them and taken out the ones that we didn’t want anymore but we still seemed to have a lot.  So off to Pinterest I went to see what everyone was doing.  I came across a post by O.C.D Life.  She found DVD sleeves online and used them to store the DVD.  I found mine on Amazon $14.99 for a set of 25 sleeve they hold 2 DVD’s for a possible 50 DVD’s in all.  I ordered 2 boxes so that got me 100 DVD’s in all.

These are the movies from my kids rooms.  

And this is after! As you can see all the cases on the left are what I was dealing with and now they are all in the small pile on the right! Can you believe it!!! These sleeves are really great.

The second Pinterest find was for my sons room.

I really wanted this look for his room.  He has a full sized bed but I didn’t think it would be too hard to make it work.  I went to Walmart and found 2 black bookcases for $27 each and me and hubby put the up.

We still need to put up a shelf over the top of the bed and fix some lighting on it but this is much better and I love how it actually makes the room look bigger.

Even though the Cowboys lost it was still a great window.  If you want to know more about the DVD sleeves let me know.  I need to get two more packs for the rest of the movies that we have but that’s for another weekend.


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