Getting back to normal

Now, normally I don’t take down my Christmas decorations until after the new year but this year I just couldn’t.  We have a lot of work to do around the house that I just do not have time to wait and enjoy the season.  

Last year, at this time, we were getting our house ready to sale it.  I started to fix the wall texture, trust me they needed it, so off I went on a wild re-texturing ride.  I grabbed a bucket of joint compund from Home Depot and got my scrapper out!  The texture is what is call crows feet and it will tear the skin off you knuckles every timey you walk by a wall.  Think I’m lying?  Here’s a picture… 

Now this is a spot that isn’t so bad but it still have to go.  Oh, by the way this is on the ceiling too! (that I will not be changing)  Ugly and dangerous!  So here is what I did to fix it!

I went over the wall with a paint scrapper and then did 2 thin coats of joint compound.  The last coat was another thin application but as it started to dry I went back over it and applied to texture.  All it is is a small bead of joint compound on my puddy knife and I just dabbed it on the wall.  

I painted the wall that I had finished last year but I don’t like the color that I chose so I’m ready to pick a new color and paint again.  I textured the dinning room wall and part of the kitchen but need to finish and paint.  The bedrooms will be next.  I don’t think we are going to move after all. (property vaules are going up around here so I think we’ll just update.)

Stand by for some pictures with the new wall color.


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