I’m getting feed up!!

Ok, with all the recalls going on lately I decided to take a look at my shopping list and see what items I could make at home.

The first item was coffee creamer.  Hubby told me this morning that he was out and needed more. Had I known how easy it was to make I would have made it for him right then,  I had everything in the pantry already! 

1 Cup of Powdered Milk

1/2 Cup of Powdered Sugar

1 tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)

That’s it!

Mix everything together using your hands or a spoon to make sure that there are no clumps, place in an air tight container! I used a 1 pint jar to hold it. Hubby hasn’t tried it yet but I’ll let you know what he though of it.

***UPDATE*** Hubby was not impressed with the powdered creamer. He didn’t think that it left his coffee creamie enough and did like the oil slick that was floating on the top of his coffee.  I’ll give it to him he tried it serveral times before going back to his store creamer. He still wants me to look for other options.    

Next is Liquid Coffee creamer. My daughter likes to drink the Vanilla flavored liquid cramer. So to make this I needed to run to the store for Sweetened Condensed Milk.

14 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk

14 oz. Milk (Any verity will do. I used 2%, but the recipe that I saw used Almond Milk)

Flavoring (I only used Vanilla but the options are limitless)

Add the ingredients together and mix. I used her old 32 oz creamer container and added everything to it.

I didn’t link to the recipes and I’m sorry for that, so for both the creamer recipes I followed the directions over at Cuponcloset

 ***UPDATE*** My daughter LOVES her coffee creamer! She said it taste just like Starbucks coffee and wants me to make it all the time. Hubby still hasn’t tried this one. 

And lastly I made Cream of Chicken soup base. I don’t use cream soups that often and hate to pay for them, they cost so much now, plus they have a awful amount of sodium added and other yuck in them. This turned out to be just as easy.

This is a base recipe depending on the bullion that you use will bepend on what flover you get ie beef, veggi, ect.

1 cup Dry Milk

3/4 cup Corn Starch

1/4 cup Bullion (any flavor but I used chicken)

4 tbsp Dried Onion

1 tsp Dried Basil

1 tsp Dried Tyme

1 tsp Pepper

Mix these all together and put into a sealed container.

When you are ready to use:

Combine 1/3 cup mix to 1 1/4 cup water. Cook over med/high heat until thick add to recipe.

I followed the directions that I found at Cuckoo for coupon deals.com 


Tonight I made Frito Pie and used my cream of chicken mix. It turned out so much better then I’ve ever made it before. Because there wasn’t salt added the dish was not over salty!! Yeah!! Next time I will cut back on the tyme a bit. It wasn’t overkill but the flavor doesn’t really go with Frito Pie and that is mostly what I used cream of chicken for. I am still very, very happy with this recipe and will keep making it.


This small amount of powder is about the same as 4 cans of soup!

All of this, not counting the time it took me to go to the store, took me about 20 minutes to make and all were made today so I haven’t tried any of them. (I drink my coffee black so it would do me no good to try the creamer since I wouldn’t know what it should taste like.) Next week we will be having Frito Pie and that calls for cream of chicken soup so I’ll post how that comes out. So remember it doesn’t take much time to change something in your life, you just have to be open to these changes and remember it may taste a bit different but it’s better for you and cheaper and both are always good!!


In with the new…

So as we try to figure out our life here at home. We struggle with me working and the kids going here and there. My son is a select baseball player and does Muay Thai kickboxing, so everyday we are running around.  As you have seen I am trying to get our house updated, we may or may not sell it, and trying to get rid of the things that we had to make due with.  This year I have plans to buy some large items for the house.  The first is a dinning room table, next a pantry to make up for the very small on I have and last will be new sofa’s, but that ones not that important.

Earlier this month we had a massive store open called Nebraska Furniture Mart. Everything known to man can be found there including my Dinning Room table.  Yes folks, I found my table.


It is a 54 x 54 inch table, counter hight with 4 chairs and a bench seat. I LOVE IT!! I still need some decortaions to go in this room but it is finally coming together. We have enjoyed several meals in our new dinning room and it has made me a happy momma!

Let’s make butter!

Sometimes there is nothing better then making things homemade.  I’ve made cakes, bread, biscuits, tortillas and many other things from scratch, but one of my favorite things to make is butter! It is super easy and taste better then anything you have EVER gotten from the store!

My usual method is to pour heavy whipping cream into a glass jar, usually a mason jar, and start shaking it up.  This is a long and tiring process, up to 20 minutes of shaking and lots of hand off’s to hubby.  But tonight I tried it in my Kitchenaid mixer, it didn’t take as long to make but it was messy and hard to remove the butter from the whisk attachment.  I was however able to make a larger amount of butter.  Not sure if I’ll do it again or go back to the shaking.  Either way I get some good homemade butter and buttermilk.

As always if you want to know more let me know.  I will be posting step by step on butter making in a jar in the near future.


Busy weekend.

Wow, I love when I see something on Pinterest that I want to do and I’m able to get it done! It’s even better when I see two things on Pinterest that I want to do and both get done!!!

The first thing I wanted to do is to get all the DVD’s that are all over the house in order.  We have already went through them and taken out the ones that we didn’t want anymore but we still seemed to have a lot.  So off to Pinterest I went to see what everyone was doing.  I came across a post by O.C.D Life.  She found DVD sleeves online and used them to store the DVD.  I found mine on Amazon $14.99 for a set of 25 sleeve they hold 2 DVD’s for a possible 50 DVD’s in all.  I ordered 2 boxes so that got me 100 DVD’s in all.

These are the movies from my kids rooms.  

And this is after! As you can see all the cases on the left are what I was dealing with and now they are all in the small pile on the right! Can you believe it!!! These sleeves are really great.

The second Pinterest find was for my sons room.

I really wanted this look for his room.  He has a full sized bed but I didn’t think it would be too hard to make it work.  I went to Walmart and found 2 black bookcases for $27 each and me and hubby put the up.

We still need to put up a shelf over the top of the bed and fix some lighting on it but this is much better and I love how it actually makes the room look bigger.

Even though the Cowboys lost it was still a great window.  If you want to know more about the DVD sleeves let me know.  I need to get two more packs for the rest of the movies that we have but that’s for another weekend.

How I spent my Sunday…

Saturday night I decided that I would paint my dinning room the next day.  Now this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision this is just one more step in getting the house updated.  So I started moving out as much as I could, played Battleship with my son, and finished moving out the rest of stuff.

Sunday, I made coffee, posted on Facebook what my plan was, gathered all my supplies, checked Facebook to see who commented on what my plan was, gathered all the supplies that I forgot that I needed and them looked to the ceiling.  Yep, I had to paint the ceiling, see why I kept checking Facebook?  I really dislike painting the ceiling but it had to be done.  When we moved in the whole house was the same color. the ceiling and wall all painted some ugly dirty looking beige.  Time for a while ceiling…


It looks so much better now.  I then ran to Home Depot and pick out the wall color. Now this has been the hardest thing for me to do.  This year I have puchase so much paint and had it not work out, and yes I tired out the samples on large patches of walls through out the house.  The first color was perfect but when it went on it had a purple color to it, the second one was perfect to and nice medium brown, but when it went on it looked more battleship gray!  So this color is a beautiful moca color and looks perfect in the dinning room.  This will be the color that I will use though the rest of the house…

Hubby is getting the baseboards down and doing the finishing work.  He should finish tomorrow and I’ll be able to put everything back in.  

The last things for this room will be a free standing pantry and a table. I would like to find a round table maybe counter hight but that seems harder to find then I though.  

I’ll keep you posted.

Getting back to normal

Now, normally I don’t take down my Christmas decorations until after the new year but this year I just couldn’t.  We have a lot of work to do around the house that I just do not have time to wait and enjoy the season.  

Last year, at this time, we were getting our house ready to sale it.  I started to fix the wall texture, trust me they needed it, so off I went on a wild re-texturing ride.  I grabbed a bucket of joint compund from Home Depot and got my scrapper out!  The texture is what is call crows feet and it will tear the skin off you knuckles every timey you walk by a wall.  Think I’m lying?  Here’s a picture… 

Now this is a spot that isn’t so bad but it still have to go.  Oh, by the way this is on the ceiling too! (that I will not be changing)  Ugly and dangerous!  So here is what I did to fix it!

I went over the wall with a paint scrapper and then did 2 thin coats of joint compound.  The last coat was another thin application but as it started to dry I went back over it and applied to texture.  All it is is a small bead of joint compound on my puddy knife and I just dabbed it on the wall.  

I painted the wall that I had finished last year but I don’t like the color that I chose so I’m ready to pick a new color and paint again.  I textured the dinning room wall and part of the kitchen but need to finish and paint.  The bedrooms will be next.  I don’t think we are going to move after all. (property vaules are going up around here so I think we’ll just update.)

Stand by for some pictures with the new wall color.

Christmas 2014 a good time to start.

So this is number 2000 in my attempts at making a blog!  I’m hoping that this time it will stick since techknowlage has made it much eaiser for me to blog from anywhere now.  I was given a iPad for Christmas by my boss and a iPad case with keyboard by my kids!  I’m very lucky!!  This will allow me to take photo’s and post about them right then.  Beats having to take a photo with my phone and then trying to upload it to the comptuer and then find the time to set down at the computer and try to find the photo and think about what to write, anyway you get the ideal!

Not sure what all you’ll see going on on here, but it will just be a place where you’ll find the things I make, the food we cook and eat, and the words that sometimes pour out of my head.  See it will be a bit of a mess!!

Wish me luck!